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tall guy hugging a short guyFind Tall Guys Online
Finding tall guys offline can be hard enough sometimes. Other dating sites don't make it any easier when they won't let you search by height. Tall Dates is dedicated to tall gay, bi, and queer men and the men who love them.

Post A FREE Profile Quickly & Easily
It only takes a few moments to register as a basic member and get your FREE profile online. Your free profile will be online 24/7 targeting guys who are most attracted to men like you. We allow each basic member to post TWO FREE PROFILES so you can target your efforts to a tall guy and a shorter guy... or Mr. Right-Now without scaring off Mr. Right. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW

Tall For Tall & Tall For Taller
You'll find some great guys both tall and short to chat and connect with on Tall Tall gay men looking for other tall gay guys will love our service as it has been developed to make gay connections easier. The taller you are, the more you'll enjoy the unique dynamic created when you find a guy in your height range to cuddle with, take a shower with, or just to walk down the street holding hands without hunching over. It's totally free to JOIN NOW. Just CLICK HERE & start creating your own profile.

A Place For Height Differences Too!
Ordinary gay sites seem to exclude guys who get off on height differences. With Tall, tall tops looking for shorter bottoms can find them all in one place. Taller bottoms,too, can post a free profile in the Tall 4 Small section of Tall to find tops who get off on their unique body type. JOIN NOW & create a FREE profile of your very own. Just CLICK HERE TO START.


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tall men and the men who love them meet online at Tall Dates.comA Unique Perspective
Because so much of our everyday experience is caused by our bodies and the reactions to them; it seemed natural to create a site with a strong focus on a unique body type. Tall gay guys are often stereotyped, idealized and even vilified. Few gay dating or m4m sites allow users to search exclusively by height, so Tall was created to meet the needs of tall men and the men who love them to help facilitate taller gay, bi and queer connections online.

A Unique Service
Every aspect of Tall has been designed to reflect the way men find each other in real life, not some ultra PC dream world like mainstream gay sites. The Tall Dates service is unique in that we allow you to post TWO FREE PROFILES with a basic account. You can monitor both profiles simultaneously, with the same log-in. Deluxe members can post even more. This special feature allows you to focus each profile to get specific responses. You could set up one to find tall guys and one to find short guys... Or you could create one to find Mr. Right and another to find Mr. Right Now!

Meet The Right Size Guys
Some enjoy the unique power dynamic set up by an extreme difference in height and size. Others enjoy the dimension of equality that comes from dating guys who are close to their own height. Whatever your attraction, you're sure to find a guy that's right for you on Tall If height matters to you, click HERE to set-up a free profile (or two) and let the guys find you!

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tall men love m4m action

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